FAQs & Shipping Policies

Hyatt Fruit Company values our customers – We are passionate about delivering the highest quality gift-grade fruit available and nothing short of excellent customer service! Our customer service representatives are available to help regarding potential replacement fruit needs or refund requests.

Hyatt Fruit Company makes every effort to ensure our customers have a successful and wonderful citrus experience, but from time to time there may be situations where a refund may be requested. These requests will be addressed on a personal and individual basis with customer satisfaction as our goal in resolving any and all problems.

Please take a moment to read our policies below...


Ordering and Shipping to Multiple Addresses

If you are ordering multiple items but shipping them to different addresses, our new website now requires that each of those gifts be entered as a separate order. In the past, many of our customers became accustomed to assigning different addresses to packages all in the same shopping cart. But this practice increases opportunities for credit card fraud, as well as confusion with order and tracking numbers.

So, due to increased online security measures (recommended by credit card processors and IT professionals), Hyatt's website is now requiring a separate order (or credit card transaction) for each "Ship to" address. This will not only protect our customers while using credit cards on our website, it will also create greater clarity and consistency in order tracking.  

It's easy! Just login before or during your first order on our new website. Each address you enter will be saved. So for each new order placed, just choose the same billing address and enter the shipping address. For orders placed in the future, those addresses will be there for you to quickly and easily assign to your order!

Credit Card Charges

Credit/Debit cards are charged at the time of checkout. This holds and reserves your fruit until it ships. 


Delivery Commitments... 

Seasonal Fruit

Please keep in mind that Florida Citrus is shipped seasonally. For example, Honeybells ordered in November will ship as soon as the Honeybells are ripe and ready to pick & ship in January. Above the description of every product on our website is the shipping season for that product.



Requested Delivery Date

When ordering online, you will be asked for a "Requested Delivery Date" for each product ordered:


Hyatt Fruit Company makes every effort to deliver a gift by the requested delivery date during our shipping season! The date that a gift is shipped is based on average delivery duration of packages from our location to the delivery zip code. Once the gift leaves our warehouse, the shipping company (FEDEX Post, USPS or UPS) is responsible for the delivery of the package. We make every effort to ensure that the shipping company delivers your gift in a timely manner.

Once an order is ready to ship, an email is sent with tracking information to the email provided by the customer when placing the order.  You can then track your gift delivery through FedEx.com,  USPS.com or UPS.com websites.

Sorry but we can not be responsible for delivery delays due to inclement weather (ie: blizzards that may prevent the delivery mail).

Double-check the Shipping Address

Hyatt Fruit Company is not responsible for undeliverable packages due to incorrect or incomplete shipping addresses provided by the customer. Refunds cannot be granted when the customer has provided incorrect or incomplete shipping information.

Make sure the recipient will be available

Please understand that Hyatt Fruit Company can not be responsible for undeliverable packages due to recipients being unavailable. We can not accept returned packages or offer refunds for packages with one or more recorded delivery attempt notices.

Order early!

Though we always do our best to deliver within or as close to your “requested arrival week” as possible, we cannot guarantee precise delivery dates. Sorry, but due to possible harvest or weather induced problems, we can not provide refunds for citrus gift delivery delays.

No returned fruit please

Please also note that food items should not be returned as we are not able to accept shipments of returned perishable items.