Shipping Information for your Florida Fruit Order

Current Shipping Schedule

The 2018-2019 Florida citrus shipping season is here! 

In-season Florida Citrus gifts typically begin shipping early November of each year, but you can pre-order to ensure that your order is scheduled on a truck as soon as the citrus is a peak picking perfection!

To find out which Hyatt gifts ship immediately, look on the left-hand side of your screen for the "Shipping Now" section.


Shipping & Handling Charges

We've made it easy to plan and calculate your total gift costs by incurring a minimal $12.99 per-gift shipping fee for items shipping within the 48 contiguous United States. You will see this charge for each item added to your cart.* 

Requested Arrival Dates

Please note that requested arrival dates are approximate. Unlike regular merchandise like headphones or skateboards, your fruit isn't sitting in a warehouse ready to be shipped when you order it! Instead, it's hanging on a tree somewhere in a Florida citrus grove! The transit time, from the grove to shipping, is dependent on several factors like weather, best time to harvest and amount of fruit produced by the trees that season.

Once your order is placed, your Fruit is harvested, brought to our packing houses, cleaned, inspected and carefully packed to order. Your package is then loaded onto a refrigerated truck, travels to its delivery area and then distributed by FEDEX Post, USPS or UPS. While we do our best to ensure your gift arrives as close to your requested arrival date as possible, unfortunately, with so many elaborate steps and considerations involved, we are unable to guarantee arrival dates.

Shipments to Alaska, Arizona & Hawaii

Sorry, Florida gift fruit may not be shipped to Alaska, Arizona, or Hawaii.

Shipments to Texas, California, Louisiana & Canada

For these three US States, and also Canada, we are required by the USDA to follow a special set of guidelines when we ship citrus to these locations. We are also unable to ship come of our candy items to them. As a result, packages to these locations have a unique shipping schedule and are only shipped on a few pre-selected dates each month. For information on requested arrival dates for these states please call us.

  • For California, Louisiana, Texas, parts of Nevada & Oklahoma (depending on where the fruit is routed for delivery regarding NV & OK): Sorry but we can ship ONLY CITRUS packs to these states no packages containing candies, marmalades, etc).

  • Some of our candy/citrus combos may not be shipped from Florida to CA, LA, NV, OK, TX as well.

  • However, many candy items do not ship from Florida so they absolutely CAN be shipped to CA, NV, OK, LA, TX! These items include The Treat Combo, Florida Basket, Fancy Gator Basket, Sweet Tooth Tin, Grand Golden Tin & Honeybell Assortment, The Citrus Tower, Dockside Key Lime cake & the Dockside Mini Sampler.


Shipments to Canada

We specialize in sending citrus to Canada. Most of the gifts in our catalog can be
shipped to the following provences: Quebec, Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick,
Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland. All Canadian orders are payable in U.S.
For delivery to Canada, the shipping cost is $27.99 per package.


How Fruit is Shipped

If your fruit is not a specialty package such as a crate or basket, it is carefully packed into trays.  These sturdy trays provide a protective layer around the fruit for shipping.  The trays are placed in our attractive cartons and sealed tightly for shipping.

The size of fruit determines how many pieces are in a tray. Orange varieties are generally 12 per tray and grapefruit is usually 8 per tray.  Mixed trays average 7 oranges and 5 grapefruit. Each tray weighs approximately 10 lbs.