Frequently Asked Questions

How much fruit should I order?

Order Amount/Size Weight People Served
1/2 Tray 7 pounds 1 person
1 Tray 10 pounds 1 person
2 trays 20 pounds 2-3 people
3 trays 29 pounds 4-6 people
4 trays 38 pounds 6+ people


Hint: 4 trays is always your best value, plus you'll have plenty to share!


How much is in a "fruit tray"?

Because the size of the individual citrus pieces vary from season to season, boxes are packed to capacity and measured by weight. For example, Tangerines are typically smaller than Navels. So an order for 1 Tray of fruit, would include more Tangerines than Navels in that shipment.

The below chart indicates approximate number of fruit that will arrive in your order this season. Number of fruit is dependent on the variety and the size of those fruit.

Number of Fruit Trays All Oranges All Grapefruit Mixed
Oranges / Grapefruit
1/2 fruit tray approx. 9 approx. 5 n/a
1 fruit tray approx. 11-15 approx. 6-8 approx. 5-7  /  3-5
2 fruit trays approx. 22-30 approx. 14-16 approx. 12  /  6-8
3 fruit trays approx. 33-45 approx. 22-26 approx. 12-24  /  6-8
4 fruit trays approx. 44-60 approx. 30-32 approx. 24  /  14-16



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How long will it take my fruit to arrive?


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