Navel Peck Basket

Available Mid-November to January 31st

The Peck Basket is smaller than the Grove Basket but still packs plenty of Florida sun-ripened Navel Oranges from Florida. Options include the beautifully affordable Peck Basket, or for just an additional $9.99 upgrade to the Deluxe Peck Basket and we'll add two 3 oz. jars of Marmalade bursting with flavor and four chocolate-covered Coconut Patties. Yum!

Basket holds 1/5 Bushel of fruit (about 9 pounds of fruit). Peck Basket contains approximately 9 Navels; Deluxe contains approximately 7 Navels and Deluxe additions.

"Make it Deluxe" version pictured left.

Make it Deluxe!
Choose the "Deluxe" option and we'll add a jar of Orange Marmalade, a jar of Honeybell Marmalade and a box of Coconut Patties! (Add $9.99)

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