Florida Honeybells

Gift #1H

Available early-January to mid-March

Honeybell Tangelos are such a heavenly treat! They're famous for their distinctive bell shape, sweet-as-honey taste and the unbelievable amount of delicious juice inside each piece. When you eat a Honeybell, you'll wish January would last all year! That's right, don't miss out, Honeybells are available in January. So order early to make sure you experience this amazing fruit favorite. With their distinctive bell shape and sweet-as-honey taste, Honeybells are a rare treat and a Hyatt favorite.

Option: Mix with Navels to get a nice Florida citrus variety in your gift!

Want Honeybells mixed with Grapefruit? We've got it! Click here.

Make it Deluxe!
Choose the "Deluxe" option and we'll add 2 jars of Orange Marmalade and a box of Coconut Patties! (Add $9.99)

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