First and Last Florida Honeybells

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Available January to end of Honeybell season

Get two shipments of the juiciest fruit to last the whole season! Need more Honeybells? With First and Last Honeybells, you'll get a gift of Honeybells at the beginning of the season and then a second shipment at the end of the Honeybell season. Imagine could have a Honeybell every day in January!

With their distinctive bell shape and sweet-as-honey taste, Honeybells are a rare treat and a Hyatt favorite. Note that each order will include a shipping and handling fee for both shipments ($11.99 flat fee per shipment = $23.98 total shipping fee per purchase).

Save with each size! Buy more and pay less for each box of Honeybells...

One tray = Save $5
Two trays = Save $10
Three trays = Save $10
Four trays = Save $10


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