White Grapefruit Mixes

Gift #1W

Ships late-November, usually to mid-January

Florida's best kept secret: WHITE Grapefruit. Sweet,  juicy and thin-skinned, the White Grapefruit is Florida's best-kept citrus secret. With a juicy mellow inside and a golden yellow skin, this grapefruit variety is in limited supply, so reserve yours asap by placing your order now. We'll ship when available and/or with your requested delivery date in mind. And speaking of delivery...wouldn't this make a special holiday gift for someone on your "Nice" list?

Pick Your Mix
You can order all White Grapefruit, or mix it up by ordering a mix of Grapefruit and Oranges.

Make it Deluxe!Choose the "Deluxe" option and we'll add 2 jars of Orange Marmalade and a box of Coconut Patties. Sorry but "Deluxed" gifts cannot be shipped to Canada due to import restrictions on candy items placed by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Shipping Restrictions: Please note that any gift containing fresh fruit cannot be shipped to Alaska or Hawaii.

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