6 Month Citrus Club

Gift #6M1CLUB1S

Join the club and always have delicious, fresh citrus in your home, ripe and ready to enjoy! In this 2 Month Plan, you can choose to receive 1 Tray, 2 Trays or 4 Trays of Fruit for 2 months. Just order once and we've got the rest covered for you! Also available in a 2 Month Plan and a 4 Month Plan.


  • All Oranges (see Variety chart below)
  • All Red Grapefruit each month
  • The monthly Orange variety mixed with Ruby Reds


What Variety of Orange ships each Month?

November Fall Tangerines
December Golden Navels
January Honeybells
February Temples
March Scarlet Navels
April Valencias


Citrus Club purchases will include our standard flat rate shipping fee for each individual shipment. So for example, a 2 month plan will show a shipping charge of $25.98 ($12.99 x 2 domestic shipments).

Shipping Restrictions: Please note that any gift containing fresh fruit cannot be shipped to Alaska or Hawaii.

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